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Artisan-Geo floral is inspired by the new narrative of escapism that covid-19 has introduced, our fantasies of escapism have become increasingly focused on re-gaining a sense of control and autonomy over our lives. Instead of escaping every day, we are now looking to escape into the every day. 

For an example, the Cottage Core-ists (Cottage Core movement) fantasize about having their own rural idylls, where they are in complete control of their surroundings – growing their own plants, making their own food and crafting their own clothes.

Analog activities like crochet, gardening, sourdough starters have boomed during lockdown – so much so that the term, “Grand Millennials,” is now a thing!

All these different aspects of my research influenced the designs in this collection.

Add Dimension to any room with this range of sophisticated wallpapers and fabrics, influenced by the mood for modern geometrics.

I have combined florals and angular shapes to create these designs, that have an element of hand-made craftsmanship to them.

The florals are a contemporary take on a leaf-trail design and resemble the nineteenth century’s carved wooden panels. A perfect backdrop to natural wood furniture pieces.

I started with drawing direct from nature and from photos that I take on my phone, a few bits and pieces from my sketches ended up on screen, where I played around with how they might repeat, but I prefer doing things the old fashioned way; cutting my sketches up into tiles and rearranging their sequence to form the repeat , I carved my designs into three different lino sheets, 2 small 10 by 15 cm each and one massive 40 by 40 cm.

Lino printing allowed me absolute control over colours, motif and repeat of my print. A process that I find hugely satisfying and addictive. 

I love the inky imperfections. The occasional patch of lighter pressure or a blurred edge.

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Initial Drawings.jpg
working lino 2.jpg
moodboard 1 copy.jpg
final visual 1.jpg
final 2.jpg
c .jpg
moodboard lino 2 copy.jpg
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shutterstock_1680311530 copy.jpg
clean offset lino extra.jpg
Untitled-2_0001_Pattern Fill 2.jpg
Untitled-2_0000_Pattern Fill 3.jpg
Untitled-2_0002_Pattern Fill 1.jpg
lino3 moodbord 1 copy.jpg
romo add .jpg
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Untitled-3_0000_Layer 2.jpg
Untitled-3_0001_Pattern Fill 1.jpg
Untitled-3_0002_Layer 1.jpg
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