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Live brief 2020

A collection of patterns to promote awareness of pollution in our oceans, imagery is collected from recycling and reusing several discarded everyday items.

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( Recycling the Upholstery Fabrics )

I had a lovely opportunity to work with OrangeBox and to design a hand-printed Sully which was displayed at Clerkenwell week London.

Beautifull embossed patterns on wool,the design itself is a mix of beautifull floral motifs and eagles, with my signature style of detail within motifs.

Orangebox company is trying to find a solution for their fabric waste, I tested different techniques of printing on the fabrics , like puff , pearl and mettalic binders ,acid discharge orinting,reactive printing ,dysperse dye print and discharge printing (fabric bleaching).My final print is on wool, Silcoates (CUZ30),puff pigment .

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