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Eco modish ? I'm in !

During the lock down, hearing birds singing in the joys of spring from our open windows and balconies has been the uplifting sound we’ve needed every day. Watching bees going about their pollination duties is a joy, and even city pigeons making nests on our windowsills has been a welcome distraction.

Also, we have learned how to use items and things in moderation we need to be more thoughtful on how we use things and waste. We have started to think about the importance of eco living , sustainability and conscious consumption.

This collection is called , Redefined and Recycled Boho Rhythm , I have tried to address plastic pollution and paper recycling in my designs Set 1 and Set 2.

SET 1 

sophisticated designs ,  simple bird silhouettes with elegantly rich colour pallette,these designs are suitable for soft furnishings as well as home ware. The collection is based on my emotional response to plastic pollution and Ingestion of plastics by seabirds in particular.The colours from crisps wrappers match perfectly with the bohemian trend.

I created this unique texture by using acetone as a transfer from crisps packets , then I made simple silhouettes of birds using 300gsm card and my scalpel.

Few bits of my imagery ended up on screen where I cleaned them in photoshop but I personally prefer working the old fashioned way that is layering and cutting my design to create the repeat of my print.

SET 2 

Vibrant , Joyful patterns to light up any space , a mix of geometry ,quilt patterns, recycled paper collage and hints of folk art  that were directly drawn from the Asian truck, parked at TKC Restaurant Southall.

I started with colourful drawings and creating textures , I had a play with  dry pigment crystal colours to get the fireworks effect which I then used to cut out the florals and geometric shapes.

The folk art pattern that I have included is a funky mix of birds and florals, best thing about folk art motifs is that they rock in any colour , you can create as many colourways as you want .

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Moodboard Truck 1.jpg
Color inspiration moodboard 2.jpg
Wilko Trends Moodboard.jpg
design board 1.jpg
moodboard 2. rough .jpg
working 2.jpg
working board 1.jpg
stationary wilko.jpg
design birdie 2.jpg
wilko birds final .jpg
design 1 birdie .jpg
wilko birds aprons .jpg
wilko greeting card.jpg
bird chair.jpg
cushion strip.jpg
Untitled-2_0008_1 copy.jpg
Untitled-2_0007_2 copy.jpg
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