Positive vibes,Choose Joy,spread hapiness,blueMonday,Butterfly seeds,seed paper,

Positive vibes,Choose Joy,spread hapiness,blueMonday,Butterfly seeds,seed paper,

Blue Monday!!! – 18th January 2021
Officially the Saddest Day Of The Year

feelings of emptiness, the colder weather, shorter days, and darker nights, many of us want to stay in and get cosy and slowly turn into the pigs in blankets we have all been gorging on until it’s safe to stop hibernating come Spring and there's this little thing called a pandemic... you get the idea.
It is more important than ever that we take care of our mental health so I am going to flip Blue Monday and make it all about being positive, here is a card if you want to send some positive vibes to your loved ones ..



What is inside?

1 Card - A5 folded into A6

1 kraft paper envelope

And instructions to plant the paper

blank inside




This card is made from 250 gsm ‘Seed embed handmade paper’, that can be grown into beautiful florals. Eco-friendly inks are used for printing to keep the seeds healthy and perfect for germination. No trademark or logos are printed on the card to keep the ink usage to minimum.




Recycled paper


Cello bag for wrapping –


Bag used for this card contains Nativia PLA - Polylactic Acid which is made from corn and other plant starch. This bag can be industrially composted and will disintegrate in six months into CO2, water and humus, a soil nutrient.


This card is a part of ‘Animal’ collection designed by NylahMAK






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