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Terrarium-Framed Art

Terrarium-Framed Art


MY EMOTIONAL RESPONSE TO OCEAN PLASTIC - Plastic waste — it’s everywhere! Every ocean. Every beach. Every river. Every community. It’s even in your drinking water. (Deep gulp. Swallow. Raise eyebrows and open eyes wide — yeah, we had the same reaction.) Humanity’s plastic footprint is probably more dangerous than its carbon footprint. My research included visits to local markets, observing and photographing my potential materials. I then collected a range of samples that included plastic baskets from local shop keepers, pen lids, and fishing nets along with seaweed from the beach and some discarded items from daily life. I started with drawings of waste items that were then scanned and enhanced digitally. I feel amazed when I look at my designs - actual beautiful patterns from waste!




Each print comes with a basic black frame.






Other sizes available on request


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